Video/Audio Interviews

Annemarie Davis is the founder and CEO of United Pole Artists. She is currently working on a pole dance documentary. In Part One of two interviews, Davies talks about her history and knowledge of pole, what it was like working as a stripper in Los Angeles when the first pole studio came out, and her thoughts on the #NotAStripper hashtag.

In Part Two of two interviews, Davies talks more about UPA’s mission, her upcoming documentary, and where she thinks pole dance is headed in the future.

Shannon Gee is the co-owner and artistic director of Ecdysiast in Portland, Oregon. Gee shares what it was like to open a pole studio in 2008, how studios have changed in the last 10 years, and how she thinks pole dancing will hold onto its roots as it creeps deeper into the mainstream.

Victoria Holt is a pole dance instructor at Ecdysiast in Portland, Oregon. In this interview, she discusses her relationship with pole dancing and instructing and how she would like to see the sport evolve in the future.

Tiffany Jane (@titojane), is a recreational pole dancer with more than 68K followers on Instagram. In this interview, she talks about the relationship between pole dancing and social media, how she started pole dancing, the complex artistry that surrounds pole, and where she hopes to see the sport in the future. 

Elle Stanger is a feminism and sex-work activist and writer living in Portland, Oregon. She has been stripping for eight years. In this interview, Stanger talks about her relationship with pole dancing, the #NotAStripper hashtag, and how recreational pole dancers (and people in general) can become better allies to strippers.