About this Project

The Evolution of Pole Dancing is a feature-length multimedia-based reporting project about the evolution of pole dance, a form of fitness and expression that is gaining traction around the globe yet remains largely undefined. Its purpose is to spread awareness about the elusive sport and serve as a resource for pole dancers everywhere.

*AUTHOR UPDATE: After writing about the evolution of pole dancing and hearing from lots of different people about how pole dance has changed their lives, I wanted to explore the territory a bit deeper. So, I’ve added an ongoing part to this story about how the aerial arts have affected the mental health of various participants from around the world. You can read stories on the Pole Positive blog here. If you’re willing to share your story to any degree, please message me.

About the Author

Melanie Pagan is a writer and reporter living in Portland, Oregon. She started pole dancing in early 2016 on a whim and has yet to come down from her high (except for the time she collided with the hardwood floor when attempting her first jade split. She’s since developed a fondness for crash mats). Get to know her at melaniepagan.com, and drop her a line if you’re interested in collaborating, sharing your pole dance experiences, or just to say “hi.”